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The Town Museum - Three floors of history

Kreuzstraße 6,  77933 Lahr

In February 2018, the new City Museum of Lahr was inaugurated in a former clay oven factory.

Visitors can discover historical finds in the Laboratorium, explore the former plains castle and the old city of Lahr that formed around it in interactive 3D models, browes the citizens’ register from 1356 or get to know historic crafts.

The museum offers various guided tours and educational activities.

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The new exhibition spaces in the Tonofenfabrik opened in February 2018. Designed in 1896 by Lahr architect Carl Meurer for the manufacturer C.F. Liermann, the building has protected (listed) status. It is a typical example of Lahr industrial architecture at the end of the 19th century. The museum conversion is the work of architects Heneghan Peng, Dublin.

Three floors of history Spread over three levels, the permanent exhibition offers an interactive multimedia journey through the history of Lahr, from the Roman age to the present.

On the basement level, visitors enter the “pre-town” era. Everyday objects from the Roman vicus in Lahr-Dinglingen tie in with the reconstructed Roman settlement. Jewellery from graves of nobles at Burgheim church and findings from the local area give an insight into the Merovingian era. In the Archaeolaboratorium, you can try out archaeological excavation and analysis techniques.

The ground floor is devoted to the development of the town and its civil society, starting with the founding of the town in the 13th century through to the 20th century. Media stations provide an interactive discovery experience.
The industrialisation of Lahr and its almost 100-year history as a garrison town are highlighted on the first floor. You can see how Lahr transformed into a significant industrial town – from tobacco and chicory to cardboard packaging, printing and publishing, even slide rules. Type designers, creators and inventors from Lahr – the town’s distinguished minds – are honoured too. A separate exhibition area shows how the period as a garrison town influenced Lahr’s population.

Temporary exhibitions and special exhibits focus on various aspects of the town’s history to complement the content of the permanent exhibition.

Regular events
• Public guided tours on the first Sunday of every month and on public holidays (except Christmas) at 2.30 p.m.
• Short lunchtime tour, the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month at 12.10 p.m.
• Family afternoons in the museum’s educational workshop, on the second Sunday of every month, 12-3 p.m.

Bookable programmes
• General and thematic guided tours of the permanent exhibition
• Children’s birthdays in the museum
• Programmes for pre-school and school children

For detailed information, see the “Museum educational offerings” leaflet or visit

Independent visitors
• Interactive stations invite visitors to discover more
• All information is available in three languages: German, English and French
• The Stadtmuseum is accessible to wheelchair users
• Discovery sheets for children aged 6 and up


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