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Goetheplatz ,  76530 Baden-Baden

History of the Theater Baden-Baden

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Construction 1860 – 1862
Architect  Charles Antoine Couteau (1824 – 1897)
Built for Edouard Bénazet (1806 -1867)
The theatre, built in a French neo-baroque style, was created on the casino leaseholder Edouard Bénazet’s initiative. The vacant solitary building is considered to be one of the most beautiful theatres in Germany.
The sculptures in the tympanum of the main façade show allegories of the arts, under which the Baden emblem flanked by river gods is centred. Medallions of the most important German playwrights Goethe and Schiller are included amongst the figures.
The simple exterior portrays a contrast to the rich neo-rococo decorations in red and gold on the inside of the building.

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