Tree trail at Dachsberg hall

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40 different tree and shrub species growing in the Southern Black Forest

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In a well-laid-out territory, thetree trail(approx. 950 m above sea level) in Dachsberg-Wittenschwand combines almost40 domestic Black Forest tree and shrub species.

Nature’s class room

Set up many years ago as part of a school project, the trail serves as a nature’s classroom still today. It is located near the elementary school of Wittenschwand. You find the trees and shrubs described on weatherproof boards.

Splendid autumn colours

In autumn in particular, it is worth taking a walk along the tree trail, the varied play of colors of the autumn leaves is a pure eye delight.


Next to the tree trail you find the large and beautiful playground of our kindergarten. But our guests’ children are certainly invited to play here, too.

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