Trésor Rare de Premier

Lichtentaler Straße 7,  76530 Baden-Baden

Trésor Rare stands for the most luxurious and glamorous cosmetic products and perfumery available nowadays and also offers sophisticated and effective cosmetic care products and tailor-made facial treatments to pamper your skin all round.

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Welcome to the world of Trésor Rare.

A world where you can escape the everyday clutter and rejuvenate your skin with elements hidden underground for millions of years. We use only the highest grade ingredients, given by mother earth. From traces of diamond dust, to pearl powder, our exclusive product lines are crafted to the highest of standards.

Trésor Rare came about as a way to take modern day skin care and infuse it with high quality ingredients straight from the earth.

Our products are carefully formulated to give you fresh, healthy and glowing skin. 

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