Famous building

Trinkhalle (pump room)

Kaiserallee 3,  76530 Baden-Baden

Take a stroll along the impressive frontage of the Trinkhalle, Baden-Baden's Pump Room, with its Corinthian pillars and striking murals.

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Ever since Roman times, people have stood on this spot and enthused over Baden-Baden and the healing powers of its water.

The Trinkhalle was built 1839-1842 according to the plans of Heinrich Hübsch, a pupil of Friedrich Weinbrenner, in the Baden-Baden „Kurhaus“ garden and the visual impression is reminiscent of the Roman history of Baden-Baden.
16 Corinthian columns support the 90-metre-long, open hall, in which you can see 14 murals. The pictures were designed by Jakob Götzenberger and depict scenes from myths and legends of the region as well as excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity. In the adjoining fountain room you will find a thermal spring. The water that gushes out of the well is not suitable for drinking.


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