Turmbergbad Karlsruhe
Outdoor swimming pool

Turmbergbad Durlach

Alte Weingartener Straße 40,  76227 Karlsruhe

The Turmbergbad in the heart of Durlach is a real outdoor swimming pool paradise. A lot of water attractions, a huge lying surface to enjoy the sun and much space for sport activities wait for visitors.

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The Turmbergbad offers a great children's paradise with an adventure paddling pool, on which the children can play to be pirates. A big awning protects the children perfectly against strong sun rays. 

The barefoot path offers the possibility to feel for and to discover different path coverings by foot - pinecones, round broken glass, sand and more, the barefoot path inspires young and old.

Guests who like speed can try the 65m long giant slide.

Of course the Turmbergbad has place for sport swimmers. The 50m - swimming pool offers ideal conditions for swimmers, also because it can be warmed on 26 degrees at cold days.

The Milchhäusle ("little milk house") and the kiosk take care for delicious refreshment.

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