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Turmberg’s Funicular Railway

The Turmbergbahn is a funicular railway that connects the district of Durlach with the Turmberg. The train scales 100 metres in height over a stretch of 315 metres at a maximum incline of 36.2%. It first opened for operation in 1888, and is thus the second oldest funicular railway in Germany.

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The Turmbergbahn operates to the east of Karlsruhe and connects the district of Durlach with the Turmberg. At 256 metres, the Turmberg is the landmark mountain of Durlach.

The Turmbergbahn entered service in 1888, making it one of Germany’s oldest funicular railways. Built to take tourists to the top of the mountain, it was constructed under the supervision of the engineer Karl Müller from Freiburg. The train originally operated with water ballast, but was retrofitted to run on electricity in 1965.

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