Neu-Ulm und Donau
Pedestrian zone

Ulm and the Danube

Münsterplatz 50,  89073 Ulm
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Ulm and Neu-Ulm. The Danube twin cities. The Danube plays an important role in Ulm and Neu-Ulm.

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It not only marks the boundaries between each city but also invites residents and visitors to take a relaxing walk along the old town walls or the promenade on the banks. Right on the bank of the Danube on the Ulm side, you have the Butcher's Tower, the romantic rose gardens and the Eagle Bastion, from which the legendary Tailor of Ulm made attempt to escape. Close by, you also have the Danube Bastion, and the must-see Danube Swabian Museum. Tip: Get to know the city from a boat and go for a boat ride! And of course, the best view of the Ulm old city is from the opposite bank in Neu-Ulm.

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