Freiburg Unibibliothek
Famous building

Universitätsbibliothek (University library)

Platz der Universität 2,  79098 Freiburg

A cross between the comfort of your living room and dynamic co-working — you’ll study better in Freiburg! The interior of the new University Library looks like a page out of a glossy magazine.

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Each area is perfectly designed: from the 1,200 individual workstations, all equipped with security locks for laptops, ample power outlets and attractive lighting, to the comfortable group working areas and multi-media rooms. The lounge area offers the perfect space to take a break, complete with comfortable designer Vitra armchairs. On the inside, it is a true palace.

However, opinions are divided when it comes to the building’s exterior. Critics feel that its modern architecture is too overwhelming, situated between landmarks steeped in history, such as the Stadttheater (City Theater) or other university buildings. But there are those think that the dark, glass building looks like a black, finely cut diamond, with the facade reflecting the historic buildings and creating a strong symbiosis between the modern library and its surroundings. The fact is that everyone is talking about the new University Library.

The structure is also primed for the future. It uses 65 percent less energy than the old University Library and produces its own electricity using a 2,000-square-meter photovoltaic system.

Note on accessibility: Access for wheelchair users at Platz der Universität and on Milchstraße. All floors accessible by elevator. Accessible restrooms available in the foyer and on the 2nd floor. Chip available at the information desk.

Access for the visually impaired via Sedanstraße entrance. Markings available on the floor, stairs, and elevators.

Guided tours of the building also available for people with restricted mobility and visual or hearing impairments.


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