Local history museum

Unteruhldingen Prehistoric Village

Strandpromenade 6,  88690 Uhldingen-Mühlhofen

Travel back in time on Lake Constance. At one of the largest archaeological open-air museums in Europe, find out what everyday life was like back in the Stone Age by visiting 23 reconstructed houses, built on wooden pilings over the water.

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Smell. Taste. Try.

This fascinating museum explores the history of early man. The lives of farmers, traders and fishermen in this region of the Alps are shown in 7 reconstructed villages. Go back to the Stone Age and Bronze Age (4,000 - 850 BC) on a guided tour (approx. 45 min) through the houses built on wooden piles/stilts above the water.

In these dwellings, life-like tableaux with people and animals, inspire the imagination. Displays include the sorts of tools that "Ötzi", the Stone Age man whose frozen body was found in the Alps in 1991, would have used. From hand-woven material and plant remedies, tools and even loaves of thousands-of-years-old bread, you get a real sense of daily life here on Lake Constance and the region. But there is more: this surprisingly cultivated people created wall paintings, enigmatic figures and yet-to-be deciphered symbols that relate to their spiritual beliefs. It all adds up to a unique window into the history of mankind.

Don’t miss the ARCHAEORAMA multi-media show in the museum. This takes you down to the underwater world, where the site’s important archaeological discoveries were made. In addition, a special exhibition focuses on the men, who built the houses on the wooden pilings. On show are more than 1,000 artefacts, not just from here, but also from 111 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites around the world.

The museum is barrier-free and accessible to prams and push chairs. You can also take guide dogs into the pile dwellings.


The Pfahlbaumuseum offers special guided tours for groups and groups of students.

All visits are by guided tour only. Depending on your interest or time of year, there are two types of tour:

  • The Classic Tour lasts 30/45 minutes. Visitors are accompanied by a well-trained guide. Afterwards, they can explore the museum on their own.
  • The Open Tour is offered during the summer holidays in Baden-Wurttemberg and on special holidays (10 am to 5 pm). After a short introduction from a member of staff, visitors explore on their own. Guides in the pile houses and outdoor areas are happy to answer questions and explain craft techniques


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