Auf dem Weg entlang des Brühlbachs finden noch Forstarbeiten statt. Es kann daher in den nächsten Wochen zu Einschränkungen kommen (Stand: 30.03.2021). Zum Wasserfall führen verschiedene Wege, daher können Sie jederzeit andere Wege nutzen.


Urach Waterfall

Bei den Thermen 4,  72574 Bad Urach
Open 24 hours

If you follow the murmuring Brühlbach stream to the head of the valley, you will arrive at one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the Swabian Alb mountains: the Urach waterfall. The water tumbles over a ledge of tufa to fall 37 metres into the valley.

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How much water the waterfall carries when you see it depends on how much precipitation there has been in the preceding days or on the snow melt and can range from 70 to 420 litres per second. The source is a karst spring that rises a few hundred metres from the waterfall.

What is particularly appealing about the Urach waterfall is that you can view it from a variety of perspectives. From below, you can watch its fall of 37 metres and subsequent cascades into the valley. As you ascend the steep steps at the side of the falls, the view of this natural spectacle changes constantly. Once at the top on the high meadow, you can stand on a bridge above the waterfall and watch the water crash over the tufa ledge.

It is also worth walking up to the waterfall in winter: if it has been really bitingly cold for several days, the waterfall can freeze solid.

How to get to the waterfall

The Urach waterfall is easy to reach from the P23 car park. The path runs for around 2 kilometres along the Brühlbach stream. It is level and not a problem for a sturdy pushchair. Steep steps by the side of the waterfall lead up to the high meadow from where you can get good views of the waterfall. There is a kiosk on the meadow where you can take refreshments in summer. You can also bring your own supplies and use the public barbecue facility provided there.