Vierordtbad Innen
Thermal bath

Vierordtbad Baths

Ettlinger Straße 4,  76137 Karlsruhe

The Vierordtbad’s slogan is ‘Water, warmth, well-being!’ – a fitting description for this feel-good oasis right at the heart of Karlsruhe. These modern swimming baths are located in a historic bathhouse that first opened in 1900. Swim and bathe in the balmy waters of the main temperature-controlled pool, or relax in one of the smaller warm-water pools, which are heated to 36°C.

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The Vierordtbad also features a range of saunas offering a variety of sizes and temperatures, as well as steam baths. You can even enjoy a special scented ‘sauna experience’! After your sauna, chill out in one of the many relaxation rooms, or take in some fresh air in the outdoor sauna and meditation courtyard. Afterwards, why not treat your taste buds in the bistro? Some other ways to round off the day include a visit to the Mettlach massage and physiotherapy practice, the cosmetics centre or the beauty farm.
The Vierordtbad is named after its founder, the banker Heinrich Vierordt. In 1873, he created a foundation which enabled the city of Karlsruhe to build modern swimming baths with public pools and spa facilities. The striking architecture of the building’s rotunda, which faces the Festplatz, proudly points to the Vierordtbad’s 19th century origins and is characteristic of European bathhouses of the period.

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