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Village Museum Eichstetten

Altweg 93,  79356 Eichstetten am Kaiserstuhl

The museum is operated in a living form. This means that the exhibitions change annually and on the official opening days from July to December (every third Sunday of the month from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.) there are activities with demonstrations that fit the theme.

Special guided tours are also possible on request: Registration: Tel. 076633522 (Werner Rinklin) or e-mail (

Official content of Eichstetten

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Exhibitions:Permanent exhibition in the attic: "Time travel through the history of Eichstetten "Temporary exhibition on the first floor: "Market - Power - Museum" - 600 years of market lawPermanent exhibition on the 1st floor: "Living and life in Eichstetten "The theme of the action days in 2019 is the temporary exhibition.

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