Waldburg Castle

Schloss 1,  88289 Waldburg

Experience history and stories at Waldburg Castle! Historical protagonists will gladly guide you through the castle in an amusing and entertaining way. You will have a lot to laugh about. Public guided tours take place every Sunday from 11 am - 7 pm.

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The Waldburg - a museum, a beautiful location that fulfills all wishes. Incomparable moments can be offered in any weather, both summer and winter.

Guided tours of the castle, knights' dinners, a romantic night, children's programs, a marriage proposal, a company outing, a wedding or a company party at Waldburg Castle - you can experience a lot here!

A special world opens up to guests with a hands-on museum and authentic and medieval food in an ambience that is second to none. The Waldburg houses a museum over 4 floors. The castle is one of the most historic castles in Germany.

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages at Waldburg Castle!


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