Weinberglandschaft am Heilbronner Wartberg

Wartberg (mountain)

Open 24 hours

This mountain is a popular destination for excursions, 308 metres above Heilbronn.

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Wine-growing on the Wartberg was first mentioned in a document from 1146. It was described as a "mountain in the north covered in vineyards".

The Wartberg in Heilbronn is not just known for its wine growing, but also for its marvellous view of Heilbronn. When you go to the Wartberg you can also visit the "Restaurant am Wartberg", the wine-growing museum "Schaufenster unter den Arkaden", and you can even go up the Wartberg tower.

A light sculpture was installed on the top of the tower in 2002 - "Sonnenstrahl für Heilbronn" ('Sunbeam for Heilbronn'). This sculpture, which can be seen from a great distance, was created by the Dutch artist, Jan van Munster, in the city colours - white during the day and red and blue at night.

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