Wasserschlössle in Freiburg
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Wasserschlössle (water castle) in Freiburg

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Fairytale views from the Wasserschlössle (water castle) in Freiburg

The Wasserschlössle is situated above the Wiehre district in the Sternwald. However, the façade is only a camouflage. Behind it there is no real castle with prince and carriage, but a lot of water. Since 1895, a high-level tank serves the drinking water supply in the east of Freiburg. As the little canals in the center, the water flows without pumps to the households, only through the natural gradient. The model for the design was a Freiburg town seal from 1245. The fountain in front of the castle offers a taste of the cool water.
Every two years the regional electricity and water supplier opens the gates at the Wasserschlössle festival, allowing a glimpse behind the scenes. This year on September 16th with regular guided tours from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm. But the climb is also worthwhile without a classic tour of the castle. At the top you have a wonderful view of the old town and the Freiburg cathedral. And in contrast to the Schlossberg it can happen that you can enjoy this view all by yourself.

By the way, the Wasserschlössle can also be found down in the city - it adorns all the manhole covers in the old town as well as the chain of office of the mayor.