Winzer Rico Leonetti

Weingut Fröhlich-Leonetti

Mauerbergstraße 62,,  76534 Baden-Baden

Welcome to the winery Fröhlich-Leonetti in the middle of the Baden-Baden Rebland.

Wines, sparkling wine and distillates - this is what the winery Fröhlich-Leonetti in Neuweier stands for. After over 40 years of familiar wine quality by Eduard Fröhlich, Rico Leonetti has now taken over the fortunes of the winery. Already in its fourth generation, Eduard Fröhlich had run the business founded by his great-grandfather in 1876.

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Our focus has always been on Riesling as the main grape variety. Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot noir round off, along with distillates from local fruits of our orchards, the product range. The special locations of the Baden-Baden vineyards around Neuweier give the wines an extraordinary flavor profile. Different soils, paired with loving care of the plants and the influence of the Baden sun, make fantastic wines.


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