Wiblingen Cloister

Schlossstraße 38,  89079 Ulm

The Benedictine cloister of Wiblingen is about 5 kilometres from the centre of Ulm.

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The present cloister buildings were built in the period from 1714 to 1781 and completely replaced the premises built in the 11th century.

The central point of the estate is the cloister church, “a room which has its origins in the tradition of the late Baroque style and in which the process of reinterpretation in the sense of early classicism is fascinatingly apparent” (H. J. Wörner, 'Architektur des Frühklassizismus'). The ceiling paintings are the work of Januarius Zick.

The library, completed in 1744, is one of the most famous rococo buildings in Southern Germany. The ceiling paintings by Franz Martin Kühn, the architecture, the sculpture, the delicate pillars of the gallery, the extensive stucco work and the natural lighting all convey a picture of complete harmony.

Since 2006, the cloister has also housed the 'Museum in Konventbau': using modern technology, it leads you into the world of the Baroque cloisters and, above all, illustrates aspects of the worldly power of the abbey.


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