Winery Trautwein

Riegeler Straße 2,  79353 Bahlingen

The Trautwein winery was one of the first wineries in the Kaiserstuhl region to work organically.

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and Elfriede Trautwein converted to organic viticulture in 1980

and have been working biodynamically since 2004. Since 2011 our

Kaiserstühl wines bear Anne's Burgundian signature. Christoph's

flair for the vineyard and the wines of the Ahr were added more and more.

As a result, in 2013 we became members of the Nicolas Joly-founded

community of top biodynamic wineries "Renaissance des


We have now officially taken over the business at the beginning of 2019. The

enthusiasm for terroir and biodynamic viticulture also drives us

also drives us. We have grown up in our vineyards and are firmly

rooted there. But family tradition "since 1649" does not mean for us,

doing everything as always. For us, it means responsibility. For ensuring that

that in another 380 years healthy vines can still become great wines in a natural way.

can become great wines.


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