Winzergenossenschaft Hügelheim

Baslerstr. 12,  79379 Müllheim

"We produce wines and sparkling wines for connoisseurs,
the great importance to superior quality and regional authenticity "
(Jürgen Herrmann winemaker and chairman of the winegrowers Hügelsheim)

Ihre Sicherheit liegt uns am Herzen

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Important components of this are:

  • The manageable size of our winegrowers. For example, knows our winemaker each of our winemakers in person. Both sides are straight with each other during the read in close contact.     
  • Consistent yield regulation and more environmentally friendly plant protection.
  • Our vineyards are located in close proximity to our operation, thus allowing the short distances from the vineyard to the cellar rapid and flexible processing of grapes.


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