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Modern wines from the Markgräflerland
90 years ago almost the success story of South Baden vintners Auggen began, between Freiburg and Basel, in the heart of the Markgräflerland region. Approximately 250 winegrowing families ordered today the 350-acre vineyard of documents "Auggener Schäf" and "Auggener Latvians".

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The Winzerkeller Auggener Schäf goes admirably to take advantage of a special terroir, to create distinctive profile wines, find every year at home and abroad a lot of attention. So it was not long until this quality pursuit of the well-known wine guides Gault Millau and Eichelmann were rewarded.
Of course, in Auggen is the regional specialty Gutedel the center of attention, that wholesome, delicately fruity white wine, which is home to Germany's only in Markgräflerland. That this variety is the very special hobbyhorse of the cellar master, shows the fact that the Winzerkeller the Gutedel Cup regularly mitmischt forefront and this already was six times decide 1st place for themselves since 2000.
In addition to the Chasselas convince the white Burgundies with freshness and elegance, as well as international varieties such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.
Auggener Pinot Noir red wines are particularly noted for their full-bodied, velvety style and also the spicy, almost Mediterranean Regent red wine does not need to fear international comparison.
Wine tastings and cellar tours on request, minimum number of participants required.
Special feature: large barrel cellar


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