Witterschnee Pilgrimage Church

79843 Löffingen
Open 24 hours

History of the “Witterschneekreuz” (Witterschnee Cross): 

In the winter of 1740, a traveller was caught in a snow storm on a summit which was named “Itirsne” in the 11th century. It later became known as “Witarsne”. In his distress, he swore that, if he was saved, he would erect a cross in the place of his rescue... 

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... the pilgrimage church was built on the spot where the traveller heard a bell and met some passing loggers who led him back to Löffingen. The man kept his vow.  

Over the years, more and more pilgrims journeyed to the Witterschnee cross. In 1792, an open chapel was built which became the “old” wood chapel in 1846 and 1847. Between 1894 and 1897, it transitioned into today’s pilgrimage church in the Neo-Romanesque style. 

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