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The Wolfssteig begins in Waldshut-Tiengen (animal enclosure Waldshut) and runs mostly on the middle road Schwarzwald.

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It crosses the districts of Weilheim from Waldshut-Tiengen to Höchenschwand and symbolizes the path of a re-immigrant wolf from Switzerland. Not far from the border between Switzerland and Germany, there are already many wolves, who are in a position to cross the Rhine and return to the Black Forest. On the approximately 18 kilometer-long Wolfssteig the hikers learn about the wolf. The route leads to the Wolfshütte and to the Kreuzstein parking lot in Höchenschwand, from where you can continue on the Mittelweg in the direction of Lenzkirch or after a short walk to the bus stop in Höchenschwand, so you can return by public transport back to Waldshut -tion gene can return.

The facility is expected to open in summer 2017.


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