Zinnfigurenklause im Schwabentor
Special museum

Zinnfigurenklause (Tin figure cabinet)

Schlossbergring 2,  79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

The Tin Figure Cabinet is the only way to see the inside of the Schwabentor. However, it is open only from May to October as there is no heating in the premises.

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“It’s like discovering a hidden treasure!” A 50-step spiral staircase leads up to a small room within the historic confines of the Schwabentor. Visitors' curiosity is awakened by the sight of the old stone walls of the former defense tower, the little windows and old-world street lamps.

And what about the treasure? It consists of almost 10,000 tiny tin figures, cast and painted by a group of dedicated Freiburg citizens. They stand, sit and lie in handcrafted settings, serving as the main actors in 21 dioramas portraying stories throughout the many eras in the history of Baden and the surrounding region.

The events of the Baden Revolution and the witch hunt are depicted in exquisite detail. The miniature world is also a great activity for children or those less interested in history, with calmer scenes from fairy tales and legends or recreations of medieval workshops.

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