Press Trips/ Media Visits

SouthWest Germany is the official visitor organization of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, and our press and media website is designed to help you with your coverage of SouthWest Germany. 

Media Visit Guidlines

Media Visit Guidlines

SouthWest Germany receives many requests from travel journalists seeking support for their visit to the region. However, if you are interested in a press trip, please start by contacting your nearest German National Tourist Office.

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To meet your editorial, film and photographic needs most effectively, please read the following guidelines, and then contact us (see below).

Basic Guidelines

  • Please give us at least 4 weeks notice of your request for assistance
  • Journalists should be ready to submit a letter of assignment on the publication’s letterhead from their editor indicating intent to publish their feature or article along with a recent copy of the publication they are writing for.
  • Freelance writers need to provide two recently published travel-related clips from an audited outlet, published within the last calendar year, for the request to be considered.
  • While we welcome the opportunity to work with television and film productions, SouthWest Germany cannot arrange any work visas or filming permits. Film crews must also have Public Liability Insurance to be able to film in many locations in SouthWest Germany.
Register With Us

Register With Us

If you would like us to keep you up-to-date with what is going on in SouthWest Germany, please contact us or our press agencies, which are representing SouthWest Germany in the respective markets. They are also your first point of contact if you are interested in a press trip or if you need further information for media coverage.