Dornstetten liegt zentral im Landkreis Freudenstadt am östlichen Rand des nördlichen Schwarzwaldes

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Dornstetten, a fascinating little town of timber-framed houses on the edge of the Black Forest, is especially known for its timber framework based on curved designs. The heart of the lovingly-restored town centre is the historical market square with its unusual fountain. The signposted narrow alleys of the historical Old Town are inviting and you will find there is much to be discovered on foot.

Barefoot Park, whose fame has spread far beyond the borders of Dornstetten, and the historic mine in Hallwangen, are touristic magnets.The local history museum, with its palaeontological collection and the Eleonore Kötter graphics gallery also attracts visitors from near and far.

There is a varied cultural programme. Annual events are "Culture in the Museum", which presents comedy and cabaret, and the "Dornstetter Book Weeks" in spring.

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