Elzach lies around 26 kilometres northeast of Freiburg. The idyllic little town is an official health resort which forms the heart of the Elztal – one of the best-known valleys in the Black Forest.

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Thanks to its extensive network of hiking paths and a wealth of natural attractions, such as the Siebenfelsen rock formation, Elzach with its districts Katzenmoos, Prechtal, Oberprechtal and Yach is a popular starting point for hikes. Three themed hiking trails in Yach – the only settlement in Germany to have a name beginning with a Y – show hikers just how dramatically farming life in the Black Forest has changed.

Sports enthusiasts can set out on mountain bike tours from there, paragliders can launch from the surrounding mountains, while those looking for a little less action can spend a highly relaxing day fishing by the River Elz or the lake Angelsee Oberprechtal.

Known in Germany as the fifth season of the year, Fasnet (carnival) is an important time in Elzach: the Elzacher Schuttig troupe belongs to the well-known Vierer-Bund (joint carnival association from four villages). Carnival in Elzach is short, lasting only three days. But those three days are a chance to experience ancient, genuine and rousing traditions.

For holidaymakers, Elzach – and the area of Oberpechtal in particular – offers a large number of comfortable holiday apartments, as well as rooms in hotels and guesthouses to ensure a memorable vacation. Farm stays are a perfect option for families, who can experience large and small animals at first hand. 

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