A steam locomotive stands in the foreground at Münsingen station. It is surrounded by steam clouds. In the background is the historic station building of Münsingen.


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Former military training area

The former military training area in Münsingen has been largely protected from settlement, road building, land consolidation and intensive commercial use thanks to its use by the military. Constantly grazed by sheep, a park-like pasture has been maintained here of the kind that would have been standard in the Alb region in the 19th century. Today this is accessible to the public and a real attraction for visitors to Münsingen.


Dive into a world that was created over 100 years ago and remains almost unchanged to the present day. albgut invites you to a place that prioritises life and celebration, dreaming and contemplation. This is albgut: a one-hundred-year-old country. Breathe the history and tradition of this unique cultural landscape in the healthy air of the Swabian Alb.

Großes Lautertal

The Lauter river flows through Große Lautertal, which is a very special part of Münsingen with its renowned juniper heaths, castle ruins, typical rock formations and picturesque villages.


The e-bike hub in the Swabian Alb

Münsingen is a centre and ideal starting point for sustainable forms of transport in the biosphere reserve, especially for e-mobility around the Swabian Alb region. The mobility centre in Münsingen has around 30 pedelecs for hire. Cyclists can navigate the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in comfort on bikes equipped with the BOSCH Nyon system. This includes a choice of fourteen pre-installed routes and covers around 780 km of cycle paths. Thanks to the extensive network of cycle charging points and service stations for breakdowns, these tours can also accommodate any unexpected eventualities.

An exceptional hiking paradise

The Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve has developed into one of the top hiking regions with a reputation far beyond its local borders. Münsingen itself can offer four of the 21 premium hiking trails that are part of the unique and sustainable "hochgehberge" hiking region, which boasts exceptional walks in the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. These trails provide access to incredibly varied landscapes and offer an incomparable experience for hiking enthusiasts – uphill and downhill, these certified hiking tours take visitors through impressive and precious natural scenery, past castles and fortifications that tell their own historical stories.




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