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Zell im Wiesental

Welcome to Zell in the Wiese Valley

of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park

Birthplace of Constanze Mozart

 Zell im Wiesental (427 m above sea level, 6,105 inhabitants in 6 districts), lies between Basel and Feldberg. Switzerland and France are only about 25 km away.

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Our recommendations

The regional S-Bahn train from Basel to Zell runs every half-hour, and with our KONUS Guest Card you can use the trains and buses free of charge.

The Zell mountain region has a wide network of hiking trails and mountain bike tours and clear rivers for fishing. As an extra bonus there is a heated open-air swimming pool.

Constanze Mozart (née Weber), wife of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born in Zell on 5th January 1762.

Constanze-Mozart-Boulevard leads you through the centre of this idyllic small town in the Wiese valley. Twelve stone plates set in the pavement tell of Constanze's exciting life with the musical genius. In the city gardens the fragrant rose Constanze Mozart® blooms at the Magic Flute Pavilion, while the Löwen Hotel honours this native of Zell, Mozart's muse and the guardian of his estate with a library and a saloon bar bearing her name.

Traces of the now-obsolete textile industry can still be seen. In the last century Zell was known for its brand "Irisette" and became an important textile production site.

The Wiesental Textile Museum takes the visitor on a journey through time with its displays of mechanical and hand looms and dyeing machines.


In the Mambach Forge Museum you can get to grips with fire and iron yourself on the anvil and learn about the traditions of the blacksmith's art.

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