SouthWest Germany and COVID 19: Current rules and guidance

Daily life continues In SouthWest Germany but, as elsewhere, changes have been made because of the coronavirus. The following rules and restrictions apply throughout the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

In Germany, new federal and state government regulations apply from November 2, 2020. In SouthWest Germany, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, the government calls on citizens to refrain from non-essential travel. This includes private trips, tourist excursions and visits to relatives, friends and acquaintances.

General rules

  • Staying in accommodation (such as hotels and guest houses) is only permitted for essential, non-tourist purposes.
  • All restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs must close. The only exception is for the delivery and collection of carry-out/take-away food.
  • All cultural, sports and leisure facilities must close. This includes theatres, concert halls, museums, exhibition centres, cinemas, swimming pools, thermal baths, amusement parks and other leisure providers.

Gatherings in public or private areas

To avoid spreading the coronavirus, as well as for individual safety, everyone over the age of six must wear a non-surgical face mask (or comparable mouth and nose covering) in city centers, marketplaces, all public spaces where you can´t keep the distance of 1.5 meters, restaurants and bars, waiting areas of amusement parks, public transport, while waiting at stops for trams, buses, ferries and boats, as well as indoors in shops and shopping centres. The only exceptions are for those with medical conditions or other compelling reasons. It is acceptable to wear another type of facial protection, if it is equally effective.

Meeting socially in public spaces and private spaces
Only members of two households are allowed to meet in public and private spaces, but groups are limited to five people.

Cancellation of overnight stays

Please contact your host / booking agency direct. We are unable to provide any information regarding specific cancellation policies for hotels, youth hostels, holiday apartments etc. in SouthWest Germany/Baden-Württemberg.

Events and gatherings

Due to COVID 19, all major events nationwide have been cancelled or postponed. If in doubt, and for information on possible ticket refunds or replacement dates, please contact the event organizer.

Shops and businesses

These are open, with rules e.g. the wearing of face masks. In shops, social distancing of 1.5 m is required and the number of customers may not exceed one per 20 m² of sales space.

Local public transport

When using public transport, all passengers over the age of six must wear a mouth and nose covering.

Travelling to SouthWest Germany, the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg

Countries/regions in which there have been more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past 7 days will be deemed as risk territories.

Please note: The current destinations regarded as risk areas are listed here:

When arriving in Germany from a high-risk area, you must go into mandatory quarantine and self-isolate for 10 days. You must also register online using this link:

This Digital Registration will automatically transfer your travel and contact details to the local health authority, where you'll be staying, so you can be contacted there.

The following are exempt from obligatory registration on entry:

  • People, who only travelled through a risk area and did not make a stopover there
  • People, who only enter the Federal Republic of Germany in transit. In this case, however, you must leave Germany immediately
  • People, who have been in a risk area for less than 24 hours, or who are entering the Federal Republic of Germany for up to 24 hours in transit to neighbouring countries
  • People, who travel to the Federal Republic of Germany for professional reasons, in order to transport people, goods or goods across borders by road, rail, ship or plane.

According to the current national regulations, quarantine can end after 5 days if a Coronavirus test carried out on the fifth day after entry to Germany (or later) is negative.

More information on the new quarantine rules can be found here:

On an ongoing basis, the Federal Government constantly checks to see which areas should be classified as risk areas. As a result, this list can be modified/changed at short notice and, importantly, may also be extended. Immediately before setting off on your journey, please check whether you have spent time in one of these areas in the previous 14 days before entering Germany.

Please find more detailed Federal Ministry of Health information about the coronavirus tests and an FAQ here:

A message from us at SouthWest Germany’s tourism office

If you have specific questions about the effects of the corona pandemic on your holiday planning, please send us an email:

Please understand, however, that we cannot give you any information that is legally binding.

Released: December 1, 2020