Gold piece of the Black Forest


Grünes Gold - Inselsteg in Pforzheim | © Pierre Johne

Thanks to the founding of the 'Manufaktur für Schmuck und Uhren' (Jewellery and Clock Manufacturer) by Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden almost 250 years ago, Pforzheim, once the royal seat of the Baden dynasty, became the famous jewellery and clock city that it is today. And Schwarzwald is only a stone’s throw from there.

Pforzheimer Altstadt aus der Vogelperspektive.

Bird's-eye view of Pforzheim | © Markus Born

| © Markus Born
Weisenhausplatz in Pforzheim. Zwei Personen laufen Hand in Hand über den Platz. Auf dem Platz stehen viele Bäume.

Weisenhausplatz in Pforzheim | © Christoph Düpper

| © Christoph Düpper
Panoramaansicht der Auerbrücke in Pforzheim. Die Brücke verläuft über einem breiten Fluss.

Panoramic view of the Auer Bridge in Pforzheim | © Pierre Johne

| © Pierre Johne
Enzauenpark in Pforzheim
Enzauenpark in Pforzheim
Boot fahren auf der Enz in Pforzheim

Boating on the Enz in Pforzheim

Zwei wandernde Personen laufen durch einen rechteckigen Durchgang hindurch. Auf dem Durchgang steht Goldene Pforte Pforzheim darauf. Um die Wandernden herum sind viele Bäume.

Golden Gate in Pforzheim - starting point of the West, East and Middle Black Forest long-distance hiking trails | © Christoph Düpper

| © TMBW, Foto: Christoph Düpper
Kinder und Erwachsene stehen hinter einem Geländer und schauen gebannt auf die riesige Leinwand vor ihnen. Die Leinwand ist in blaues und gelbes Licht getaucht, ansonsten ist der Raum dunkel.

"Great Barrier Reef - Coral Reef Wonder World" in the Gasometer in Pforzheim | © Gasometer Pforzheim

| © Gasometer Pforzheim

Glittering City

Where once craftsmen used to hammer, saw and solder in their small workshops, the arrival of German and foreign goldsmiths over the last centuries has seen the town develop into a unique centre for jewellery and design. With its three rivers and location as a gateway to the Black Forest for cyclists and hikers alike, Pforzheim is a truly culturally diverse city with a whole host to offer. The Pforzheim Jewellery Museum is a globally unique museum dedicated to the history of jewellery. Around 2,000 exhibits trace the last five thousand years of jewellery. Antique, renaissance and Art Nouveau treasures await visitors, along with a unique collection of modern jewellery art from the 1960s to the present day. There is also a clock collection and ethnographic jewellery exhibition. Special exhibitions highlight different aspects of this fascinating industry.
The true centrepiece of the Pforzheim 'Schmuckwelten' (Jewellery World) is the 'Schmuckerlebniswelt' (Jewellery Experience World) which presents the fascinating worlds of gold and precious stones in a breath-taking theme park. Numerous attractions such as the star lift and the golden wall are waiting to be discovered, as are the 5,000 magnificent minerals from all over the world. The Pforzheim Technical Museum of the Jewellery and Clock Industry is a great place for visitors to find out more about the manufacture of clocks and jewellery. Many of the machines are started up and can be seen in action.

From History to Recreation

Pforzheim's most famous building is St. Michael's Schlosskirche church with its impressive Roman west work. It is not only the Margraves of Baden who lie buried here, but it is also the final resting place of the Grand-Duchess Stephanie, Napoleon's adoptive daughter. Right next door, the "Museum Johannes Reuchlin" offers a permanent multimedia exhibition on the life and work of Pforzheim's most famous son, Johannes Reuchlin, the European humanist, linguist and statesman and one of the pioneers of the Enlightenment.
Head South and experience all the advantages of the Black Forest during a day trip. A short car ride away from Pforzheim various activities and relaxation in the green awaits you. But don`t forget to come back. Pforzheim has something for everyone and caters to all ages and tastes. Find out for yourself on your trip to the city!

Top Attractions in Pforzheim

Top Attractions in Pforzheim

Special museum Pforzheim

Technical Museum of Pforzheim’s Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries

Die Statue von Reuchlin vor der Schloßkirche

History museum Pforzheim

Museum Johannes Reuchlin

Exterior view gasometer Pforzheim

Special museum Pforzheim

Gasometer Pforzheim