Metropolis between hills and vineyards


Der Besuch im Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart ist immer ein Erlebnis. | © SMG, Ingolf Pompe

Exciting and beautiful, cosmopolitan and charming, rich in tradition and trendsetting – Discover the home of Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

Beleuchteter Brunnen auf dem Schlossplatz in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Palace Square at dusk

| © TMBW, Foto: Gregor Lengler
Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart
Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart
Luftaufnahme des Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Das moderne weiße Gebäude steht hinter einem Kreisverkehr. Auf dem Kreisverkehr steht eine Skulptur.

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart | © Porsche AG

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

State Gallery in Stuttgart

Fernsehturm Stuttgart | © Achim Mende

TV Tower Stuttgart | © Achim Mende

| © Achim Mende
Eugensplatz in Stuttgart | © Christoph Düpper
Eugensplatz in Stuttgart | © Christoph Düpper | © Christoph Düpper
Stuttgarter Weinberge

Stuttgart vineyards


SouthWest’s capital Stuttgart is home to two leading car companies in the world. Mercedes Benz and the Porsche embody not only German engineering but also run two unique museums. Stuttgart and the industry benefitted from another and that is why popular companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Kodak, or Lenovo settled down here and strenghtened Stuttgart as a lively business location.

Capturing Stories

As the capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart hosts several world-famous cultural institutions like the multiple award-winning Stuttgart State Opera, the world-famous ballet, the State Gallery, or the Württemberg State Museum. The Stuttgart State Gallery and the museum of art capture your imagination with outstanding collections and remarkable architecture. Every step of your way you will find real masterpieces. Let palaces and castles take you on a trip through history while highlights of modern architecture give you a glimpse of the future. With its famous Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart once even made architectural history. Stuttgart has always been a great destination for the fine arts.

Tireless Pursuit

If you are looking for culinary arts, Stuttgart is a gourmet heaven where you can find top-notch restaurants as well as a rich tradition of regional specialties. With vineyards right at the doorstep of the city centre, wine is of major importance for Stuttgart. Highlight: Enjoy the finest wines of the region in the exceptional setting of the Stuttgart wine village festival in the heart of the city. Twice a year Stuttgart turns into a paradise for pleasure seekers. Cannstatter Volksfest and Stuttgart Christmas Market attracts visitors from all over the world. What they all have in common: unremitting dedication to pleasure.

Relaxation – Indoor and Outdoor

Are you looking for relaxation? You have come to the right place as Stuttgart is well known for its rich mineral springs, spa-, and well-being culture. Take a break from relaxation and dive into the vibrant nightlife. Look no further, Stuttgart has a lively bar and club scene and offers all types of great concert locations. Large clubs with a celebrating crowd as well as hidden places playing independent artists make you turning night into day. 
Whether it is high culture or nightlife, mineral spas or great shopping: Stuttgart is the ideal destination for your city trip. 

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Top Attractions in Stuttgart

Top Attractions in Stuttgart


Special museum Stuttgart

Weissenhof Estate & Weissenhof Museum


Famous building Stuttgart

Palace Square and New Palace