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"farmer's market"Höchenschwand-Frohnschwand

Frohnschwand 17,  79862 Höchenschwand

Offered is what the local farmers harvest, burn, fill, bake and burn incense ...

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..Cherry water and apple juice from traditional orchards harvesting, crusty loaves of wood ovens up to the real Black Forest ham from the farm's own Räucherkammer
 Fresh brown bread and farm butter, jam and honey, and eggs from welfare chickens are sourced from farms in the region Höchenschwand.
 Mountain and farm cheese ,fresh cheese and yogurt from the Black Forest Nature Park.
 Ham and side bacon, burn incensed sausage and canned sausage rod are manufactured according to ancient traditional Black Forest house recipes.
 The fresh sausage and meat supplies a neighboring butcher shop, which handles only animals from the region.
 Distillates and approach schnapps are also products of experienced local farmers.

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