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Murg. Fairer Handel mit fairen Produkten!

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Fair trade means that producers receive a price for their products that they and their families can live on with dignity. The focus is on people and not profit. The Murger Weltlädeli offers a wide range of food and handicrafts, as well as textiles, shoes, stationery, games, books, cards and more ...

Murg is a Fairtrade community!

In 2014, Murg was the second municipality in the south of Baden, next to Freiburg, to be awarded the Fairtrade certificate by the Transfair Association. There is a network for fairly traded products in Murg: a number of Murger retailers - above all the Weltlädeli - have corresponding products on offer.

The Murger association 'Faire Eine Welt' is the sponsor of the Weltlädeli and always provides information on current fair trade issues.


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