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Württemberg State Museum

Schillerplatz 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Mighty towers and thick stone walls: The original structure of the Old Palace dates back to a moated castle built in the 10th century.

Duke Christoph of Württemberg (1550 1568) restructured the inner courtyard in the style of a magnificent Renaissance palace. On entering the beautiful arcaded courtyard, one is reminded of the 16th century.

The Württemberg State Museum s historic-cultural collection dates back from present day to the stone ages and was founded by King Wilhelm I founded over 150 years ago. The chapel and the royal crypt are also still preserved in good condition.
For our younger visitors, we have the fabulous children's museum Junges Schloss (Young Palace).


Landesmuseum Württemberg
Schillerplatz 6
70173 Stuttgart

Phone T +49 711 89 535 111


Author: Susanne Reinhardt