Amadeus Restaurant- House brew

Sophienstr. 12,  76530 Baden-Baden
Enjoy Mediterranean and Baden cuisine with homemade beers in the heart of the city.

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The Amadeus Restaurant is located in the centre of Baden-Baden, right on Leopoldsplatz, where you can not only choose from a wide selection of dishes – from Mediterranean to Baden-Baden cuisine – but also enjoy one of the popular homemade beers.

In the spacious outdoor area you are at the heart of Baden-Baden and enjoy the bustling life of the spa town up close.

When the former post office building was converted into a residential and commercial building in 1996/97, the Amadeus opened its doors. Today, the traditional house is an integral part of the gastronomy scene.
Events such as benefit concerts and wine tastings at the “Amadeus” have become a permanent institution.

Hours of operation

How to find us

How to get there

can be reached with all bus lines that stop atLeopoldsplatz.

All public parking garages in the city center are within walking distance of the restaurant (the restaurant is located in the pedestrian area).