Pizzeria Capriccio

Landstraße 3,  79232 March

Quality, speed & good service is our mission. For this reason, our restaurant offers mainly homemade products.

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No matter whether pizza dough, pasta, soups or sauces. Especially in this day and age, in which we are often bombarded by preservatives and flavor enhancers. and flavor enhancers, a natural and vitamin-rich diet is becoming more and more and more important.

For this the Sabatino family, with its 40 years of experience in the Italian Italian gastronomy, with its name. Discover our exquisite dishes, whose recipes we have collected in this time from all over Italy from all over Italy & Calabria. Some of them are even still from our ancestors, handed down through our grandparents. You see, pizza & pasta mean tradition, emotions and even a whole a whole attitude towards life. Therefore applies: "Pizza & Pasta only with the real Italian!

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