Eingedeckte Tische in gemütlichem Ambiente

Restaurant Namaskaar

Kreuzstr. 1,  76530 Baden-Baden

Wer das Namaskaar einmal kennengelernt hat, kommt immer wieder, um aus dem ausgesuchten Reichtum der nordindischen Küche, die wir anbieten,

neue Gaumenfreuden zu erleben oder Liebgewonnenes wieder zu genießen.

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Namaskaar! as the Indian greeting goes.

Situated in the hub of international activity in Baden-Baden, our Indian restaurant, Namaskaar, is one of the many home of global gastronomy and enjoying increasing popularity in addition to the local cuisine of Baden in this city of recreation and cultural vibrancy.

Anyone who has been to Namaskaar once cannot resist coming again. We invite you to try out our select dishes from North India and tickle your taste buds or, alternatively, enjoy your favourite dish.

Depending upon your preference, you can choose between hot, medium-hot or mild when you embark upon your culinary journey to discover the exotic flavours of fresh, aromatic spices. It is the fine harmony of spices that has added flavour to and perfected Indian cuisine over thousands of years.

The Basmati rice alone, which grows on the slopes of the Himalayas and is deliciously tender, is perfect for rounding off the flavour of a ragout of lamb or chicken to give our guests an unforgettable culinary experience. As with any work of art, it is the nuances that turn a carefully cooked meal into a masterpiece.

You can also pair fine wines with Indian cuisine. Whatever you prefer a glass of Riesling or Burgundy, a bottle of Chablis or Cabernet Sauvignon is almost crucial for giving your dish the final touch.

Our chef is your sommelier and will be more than happy to serve you the most exclusive gastronomic delights.

We greeted you in the beginning with a Namaskaar. We now take our leave with a farewell and hope to see you soon.

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