Restaurant Riegeler Stammhaus

Hauptstraße 29,  79359 Riegel

A house with tradition

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The tradition of the Riegel parent company goes far back into the 19th century.

century. As the cradle of the Riegel brewery, it was for many years a popular

popular taproom.

In 1991 it burned down to the

burned down to the foundation walls. After the reconstruction in 1995 we, Katharina

and Christoph Brzoza, were allowed to make a new start with the Riegeler Stammhaus.

With many ideas and suggestions from our guests, we have constantly developed

to offer you the best possible service.

Riegel is indeed

a small village, but it is located directly on the A5 freeway between

Karlsruhe and Basel, exit Riegel. Therefore a small

break during your trip to Switzerland or France in the Riegeler Stammhaus!

in the Riegeler Stammhaus!

The specialties of our cuisine

We serve our guests traditional, Baden cuisine. A

selection of international dishes completes our menu. For a balanced

is also provided, because from Tuesday to Friday we serve daily changing

we serve daily changing, reasonably priced menus of the day. Each of our

dishes of the day are accompanied by a salad or optionally a plate of our homemade

homemade soup of the day.

Quality is not just a word for us.

word. We only process meat from regional breeders. This means

carefully selected and designed for sustainability. For the best

taste and healthy food on our menu. Try

try our homemade spinach spaetzle!

For seniors and

children we have adapted our cuisine and offer for special

special needs also special portions and offers. All dishes are

we are happy to serve senior-friendly and for our little ones there are

special dishes. And after the meal, it's off to our play corner with

picture books, coloring materials and small toys.

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