Baden-Baden Theater

Goetheplatz, 76530 Baden-Baden

The Paris-born casino manager, Edouard Bènazet, did a lot to promote Baden-Baden and the arts. The Parisian architect, Charles Dérchy, built one of the most beautiful theatre buildings in Germany in 1859-1862, in the style of the Paris Opera. Completely renovated in 1992, the building in the Goetheplatz can now seat 500 visitors, and it boasts the latest technology.

The theatre is managed by Director Nicola May, and it employs an 18-strong company of actors. Their repertoire includes modern versions of classics that remain faithful to the original text, modern works in German and English, and current works and premières. This historic backdrop offers the ensemble of actors three spaces to perform, including the large theatre hall. Events can also be hosted in the intimate mirrored foyer, which is a great space for theatre-goers during breaks, with its beautiful interior decoration, and is also excellent for hosting small, intimate pieces. The TIK, the stage for young theatre, can also be used. A visit to Baden-Baden Theatre will encourage you to free your imagination and get to know historical characters. It is always a moving experience. The programme includes works from the psychological realist tradition. There are also side events, theatre classes and special events like the Baden-Württemberg Theatre Days.

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Theater Baden-Baden
76530 Baden-Baden

Phone +49(0)7221/932751


Author: Sabrina Bodemer