famous building

Weissenhof Estate & Weissenhof Museum

Rathenaustraße 1-3, 70191 Stuttgart

Back then, the project was thought of as avant-gardist and daring because of its simplicity. Each architect designed one house, with the only given design specification being a flat roof. Despite of the remarkable uniformity of the outcome, it is all the more interesting how distinguishable the style of each architect is from any other. This impresses to this day architecture enthusiasts from all over the world.

Le Corbusier built his semi-detached house in the architectural style he summed up in his manifesto "Five Points for a New Architecture". Today, the house is a museum. One half houses an exhibition documenting the origins, aims and development of the Weissenhof Estate. The other half has been reconstructed as an authentic replica in accordance with Le Corbusier s original plans including furniture and colour scheme.

The Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH offers a guided tour entitled "Architecture in Stuttgart" which includes a visit of the Weissenhof Estate.


Author: Susanne Bleibel