Delicious Delights on the River

Culinary Spots with Water Views in SouthWest Germany

Bodensee, Moos, Restaurant Grüner Baum, Koch Hubert Neidhart mit Fischkreation

Hubert Neidhart, chef at the "Grüner Baum" inn in Moos at Lake Constance, is known for his fish creations. | © REGIO e.V.

STUTTGART – For many German people, fries and an outdoor swimming pool simply belong together. The popular combination makes you want summer and brings back childhood memories. That said, if you want a culinary change every now and then and still don't want to miss out on the cool water, you will find the right places to enjoy by the water during your holiday in Baden-Württemberg.


Enjoyment with a Bite of History: Just Like the Romans in Sindringen

You can feast where the Romans once patrolled in the certified wine hotel “Krone am Fluss” in Sindringen: this is where the Roman border wall of the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes ran, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Traces of the place's eventful history have been preserved to this day. If you get a spot in the shade on the restaurant terrace on the listed city wall, you can enjoy the greenery right next to the Kocher river. Seasonal products from the surrounding area, game from local hunts, and of course, fresh fish are served.


On a Coffee Trip: The Neckar-Käpt’n Fleet in Stuttgart

Passengers and connoisseurs can have a really good time on the MS Wilhelma: With coffee and cake or lentils with spaetzle and a glass of wine, the view from the sun deck of the vineyards, meadows and forests on the bank combines a feast for the eyes and the palate to create the ultimate culinary experience. The ship is part of the Neckar-Käpt'n fleet, which is based in Bad Cannstatt, and which is a part of the city of Stuttgart. In addition to special tours with readings or wine tastings, the boat completes scheduled trips. One special route is the “Schillerfahrt” from Stuttgart to Marbach, where Schiller was born.


Intoxicating Bistronomy: Gerberei (Tannery) Waiblingen

The tannery in Waiblingen has one of the most beautiful terraces in the region: It is located directly on a tributary of the Rems, with a view of the valley floodplains. In addition to the regular menu, there is a rotating selection from which you can also choose individual items. Select Seccos and wines also are served, and in addition to cocktails, soul and junk food, they play the main role in the summer day’s drinking and enjoyment presentation of “Rausch am Sonntag.” The highlight: You have direct access to the water from the terrace and can treat yourself to a refreshing swim every now and then.


Water and Drinks: Gin Tasting with a Punting Ride in Tübingen

A river, a punt, four gins, a few tonics and a fine brandy sommelier: these are the basic ingredients for an unforgettable pleasure trip off the beaten track. The special event starts on the garden terrace of the Hotel Domizil in Tübingen. Here, with a view of the Neckar, various variations of regional gin are tasted under the expert guidance of fine brandy sommelier Angela V. Weis. Before going out on the water, everyone can prepare a gin and tonic with botanicals to their liking and receive a Poké Bowl to Go. Then, the leisurely twilight tour begins in a punt around the Neckar Island.


Sweet Temptation: Warehouse on the Lauter

Soap factory, coffee roaster and pastry shop: The warehouse on the Lauter offers connoisseurs and those with a sweet tooth something for all the senses. Located directly on the Lauter, you can experience the beauty of the Swabian Alb in the café garden and on the terrace with freshly roasted coffee, fine cakes, handmade chocolate, as well as hearty dishes. You can also opt for a hearty breakfast on the weekend and combine it with one of the regular workshops on making soaps, chocolates, or a chocolate menu.


Time Out by the Lake: Schieferhaus (Slate House) Dormettingen

In the “Schiefererlebnis Dormettingen,” nature and leisure park you can search for 180-million-year-old ammonites and other fossils and find out more about the raw material and the region. The “Schieferhaus” restaurant is located directly on a lake that formed at the edge of the demolition site when slate mining ended and has become home to many animals. On the lakeside terrace, you can enjoy local cuisine and cool drinks. It doesn’t matter whether you choose one of the canopy couches or sit on the wooden benches.


Evening Meal in a Cultural Monument: Mönchhofsägemühle (Monk’s Sawmill) Waldachtal

In the middle of the northern Black Forest, there is a living cultural monument where you can even stop off: In the “Mönchhofsägemühle,” tree trunks are still processed into boards, just as they were 500 years ago. The Waldach River provides the drive for the 6 metres high water wheel and the old saw frame. Twice a week, the saw room is transformed into a rustic snack bar. Instead of wood and sawdust, there is real home cooking: from the snack platter to farmer's Bratwurst or Maultaschen. If you want to dine heartily and experience a piece of craft history, this is the right place for you.


Source of the Beer: Baden State Brewery Rothaus

Culinary delights can be experienced all year round in Germany's highest brewery: Located at 1,000 metres above sea-level between fir and pine trees, the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus (Baden State Brewery Rothaus) offers its guests pure refreshment. Seven of their own springs supply them with pure, clear brewing water. On the “Zäpfle Weg (Zaepfle Path),” you can find out everything you need to know about the brewery at nine stations. The path leads past the popular “Zäpflebrunnen (Zaepfle Fountain)” to the spring area and ends at the “Quellgeist,” the wooden patron saint of the springs. Afterwards, tangy thirst quenchers and hearty delicacies await you in the outdoor beer garden.


Feasting in a Pedal Boat: Picnic on Lake Schluchsee

When summer comes, the picnic season begins in the Black Forest. You can feast extensively in various places out-of-doors. A picnic on the Schluchsee is a special experience. You ride towards the evening sun in a pedal boat while you enjoy regional delicacies from the picnic basket. With Black Forest sausage and cheese specialties with homemade farmer's bread and Rothaus beer, no culinary wishes are left unfulfilled and those with a sweet tooth are also catered to. Accompanied by the comfortable rocking of the waves, you can easily leave everyday life behind you.


Enjoy Feudal Style: Inzlingen Moated Castle

The Inzlingen moated castle tells an eventful history: Inhabited by a noble family for centuries, it first became a silk ribbon weaving mill in the 19th century, then an agricultural business with a guesthouse and a refuge for artists during the Second World War. The Beha family has been running the Wasserschloss (Moated Castle) restaurant since 1978. Simone and Stephanie Beha have learned the kitchen and hotel trades in the best establishments and now pamper their guests at the highest level. A highlight is the garden restaurant in the castle's huge park.


Freshly Caught on the Table: Lake Constance Fish Weeks

At the “Lake Constance Fish Weeks,” the fish is the star. Every year, the chefs at the lake work on a menu that expresses their love for the local fish world. A suitable hike with tour guide Sylvia Hartmann leads almost six miles across the Höri peninsula on the subject of fish. The tour includes a visit to a Lake Constance fisherman and a stop at the “Grüner Baum” inn, where a fish menu awaits. Chef Hubert Neidhart is famous in the region for his fish creations, especially the Lake Constance bouillabaisse, which can also be enjoyed before and after the Fish Weeks.


Harbor for Gourmets: Schuppen 13 (Shed 13) in the Langenargen Marina

Exclusive, maritime, Mediterranean: The “Schuppen 13” in the Langenargen marina is an institution. Even the Michelin Guide elevates the stylish, maritime-style restaurant to permanent gastronomic greatness with reference to the wonderful terrace. In 2023, Gault Millau awarded the gastronomy on the lake one of its red toques for the first time and thus the rating “Highly Recommended.” With so much praise, there's not much left to say except: “Buon Appetito”!