Water Fun

Family-Friendly Water Experiences in Baden-Württemberg

Bodensee, Kressbronn, Familien-Ferien, Banana-Boot-Ride - Wasser

There are plenty of water activities on Lake Constance, including banana boat rides for adrenaline junkies of all ages. | © SeaSports Kressbronn

STUTTGART – Windsurfing on Lake Constance, water cave expeditions on the Swabian Alb, canyoning in the Black Forest Highlands, or having fun in a water park, such as Rulantica: In water-rich Southwest Germany, a world of adventure and family-friendly vacation experiences offer a refreshing escape. Read on for suggestions where you can go during your vacations and on weekends - you can submerse yourself all day long.      


Hands on! Interactive Learning in the KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim

“Experience what you can do” – that is the motto of the Climate Arena in Sinsheim in northern Baden-Württemberg. Since it opened in 2019, the “climate experience location” has invited people to explore sustainability and resources, climate change and its consequences, but also possible solutions in a playful and interactive way. In the theme park, young researchers and explorers can find out which animals and plants are native to the moor and other ecosystems, how they are coping with climate change and what we can do to preserve them. They learn that the vital element “water” plays a central role in this.


Truly Refreshing! Family Time on the Lauter River

Germany's most beautiful river in 2019, the Great Lauter, meanders between juniper heaths and huge rock formations through the Swabian Alb biosphere area and is lined with numerous castles, ruins and deep caves. In addition to tours on the family-friendly premium hiking trails of “hochgehtritt,” “hochgehswiggert,” and “hochgehbürzelt,” active families can also explore the region on the “Lautertal cycle path.” In summer, the Lauter offers a place to cool off: on its banks there are many grassy areas with water access for swimming, barbecue areas and water playgrounds.


Calling all Researchers! Expedition to the Cave World of Giengen-Hürben

At over 500 metres, the Charlotten cave near Giengen an der Brenz is one of the longest caves in Southwest Germany open to the public and the longest accessible stalactite cave in the Swabian Alb. Ages ago, Charlotten cave originated as a river cave, and over thousands of years, its corridors and halls grew into a true stalactite paradise. Today, people can explore the cave following the trail of its one-time cave bears. Adventures aren't just waiting in the cave however: In the surrounding adventure area, there is a water playground where you can go looking for clues with a research backpack, magnifying glass and dipping net to find out what lives in the stream.  


Into the Water! Out and About in the Water World of Rulantica

At Rulantica, you can't have more water fun! With 14 themed areas around the mysticism and beauty of Scandinavia, the Rulantica water world in the Europa-Park adventure resort will make the hearts of water lovers and bathing beauties beat faster. The little ones can splash, slide and play at the “Trølldal” water playground. Right next to it, the cheeky Sixtopus Snorri, the mascot of the water world, invites families to take a tour of the lazy river. Action fans aged ten and over can get an extra kick on the new racing slide “Vikingløp.” Even more water slides and attractions await in the “Vinterhal” area and in the summer months in the “Svalgurok” outdoor slide world.


Water Hike! On the Wasserweg Hiking Trail in Unterkirnach

How does water flow? You can get to the bottom of this question on a family hike along the adventurous “Water Trail” in Unterkirnach in the Black Forest. Accompanied by the funny companions, Tanni and Quelleline, you follow the water from its source all the way to the faucet. Along the way, stations on the circular route provide interesting information about the blue water. Also, what happens when there is no more water. Quiz questions await at some of the stations. Anyone who answers all the questions will receive a little surprise at the tourist information center. The “Waterway Quiz” is also available in paper form or you can simply download it online before the tour.


Full Throttle! Canyoning in Todtnau

Wading through a cold mountain stream and climbing to overcome natural obstacles: Sporty families with children aged eleven and over can really let off some steam while canyoning in Todtnau in the Black Forest Highlands. During the climbing hike in the stream bed, you go through watercourses, over stones and rocks, and up a beautiful gorge with an experienced guide. In order to master the challenges, you should not only be fit and healthy, but also sure-footed and not inclined to get dizzy. Well equipped with a helmet, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable experience.


Stone Age ahead! On a Journey Through Time at the Pile Dwellings of Unteruhldingen

In the middle of Lake Constance lies a bygone world that invites families to take a journey into history. In the Unteruhldingen pile dwelling museum, you see a vivid portrayal of life in the Stone Age through a video of the lake bed, where remains of the original buildings have been preserved. The Stone Age also comes alive in the 23 reconstructed pile dwelling houses and each has exciting hands-on activities. In addition to the secrets of the settlers who once lived here in the stilt houses above the water, you also get to know the world of Stone Age aquatic animals. You can then run around on the pile-dwelling playground in front of the museum.


Let's go! Water Sports in Kressbronn and Überlingen

Adrenaline junkies big and small really get going on vacation on Lake Constance. Whether wakeboarding, water skiing, banana or couch boats, there are countless water sports and fun activities for young people at the water sports center in Kressbronn. A highlight is the popular trial diving. Children aged seven and over can learn to sail at the Schattmaier sailing and motorboat school. If you prefer surfing and are at least twelve years old, you can take part in a course at the Surf School Bodensee in Überlingen. Passing a swim test is a prerequisite for this.


Ship Ahoy! Across Lake Constance with the Viking Sailboat “Lädine”

Taking a Viking trip across Lake Constance offers a real feeling of adventure. On board the historic cargo ship, Lädine, games are played until Thor puts a stop to it: from rock-paper-scissors and Viking bingo to gallows guessing. There are also stories about the ship. Anyone who has always wanted to know whether water works as glue, what a bottle tornado is and whether Lake Constance water can be acidic will get the answers on this research trip. Together with a natural scientist, the elements of water and wind are researched in these strange experiments. The trips take place every year during the summer holidays and must be booked in advance.


Tips for even more water fun, excursion destinations and lots of holiday ideas can be found on the general “family holidays” website in Baden-Württemberg. The holiday destinations, regions, attractions and accommodations have been tested and have been particularly tailored to the needs of families.