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Feldberg, Schwarzwald
Gourmet adventures in a hiking paradise

You can almost touch the sky

Gourmet adventures in a hiking paradise

The Black Forest is Germany's Number 1 hiking destination. In the north are wooded mountain ridges; the middle is carved with deep valleys; in the south, sun-drenched meadows cover the mountainsides. And, with 11,000 sq km / 4,250 sq miles criss-crossed by 24,000 km/ 15,000 miles of well-signposted, well-maintained hiking trails, there is room and variety for all.

Hiking in the Black Forest in spring

Special are the 46 “Schwarzwälder Geniesserpfade”, the Black Forest Gourmet Paths. These are premium trails between 6 and 18 km / 4 and 11 miles long. Meandering through glorious countryside, the trails are dotted with places to taste Baden wines, Black Forest beers and Wässerli, schnapps or fruit brandies. And local springs have wonderful drinking water!

Drawing on the traditions and flavours of Baden, Swabian, Alsace and Swiss cuisines, Black Forest chefs are world-class, with a glittering collection of 34 Michelin stars. All welcome hikers to their restaurants, mountain inns and (in season) hiking huts! With 430 restaurants listed in gastro guides, the hardest thing is choosing where to dine in the foodiest and sunniest corner of Germany.

Belchen, Schwarzwald

Hiking on the Belchen, one of the highest mountains in the Black Forest. | © Schwarzwald Tourismus, Chris Keller

Herzogenhorn, Schwarzwald

Enjoy the views from the Herzogenhorn, the third-highest mountain in the Black Forest. | © Schwarzwald Tourismus, Chris Keller

Gutach, Schwarzwald

The Vogtsbauernhof is an open-air, living history museum in Gutach. | © Schwarzwald Tourismus, Chris Keller

Reimartihof, Schwarzwald

Moment of pleasure in the Raimartihof: A Black Forest cherry brandy with Black Forest cake | © Schwarzwald Tourismus, Chris Keller

In spring and summer, themed hikes feature everything from wine and cookery to wildflowers (depending on Covid regulations). Then there is “Dinner-Jumping” or “Menü-Hopping”, with each course served in a different restaurant! Short walks lead you to an aperitif, then it’s off again for a starter, then a main course and, finally, dessert!

For many hikers, the best place to stop is at farmhouses that offer a Vesper. This is the best picnic ever, with everything home-made by the farmers, from bread and sausages to cheese and cakes. The food tastes great during or after a long hike! Also, if you want to do one of the 24 long-distance hiking trails, we recommend buying packages that include daily luggage transfers to your next destination.

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More hikes that make you happy! ☀