Flower Paradise

Lake Constance Gardens

Im Vordergrund sind pinke Blumen. Dahinter liegt der Bodensee.
Lush Flowers by the Lake

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Lush Flowers by the Lake

At Lake Constance, the mild Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for landscaped gardens, spectacular flowers and colourful shrubs all year round. Welcome to the land of Green Fingers!

Beim Blick über Palmen auf den Bodensee bei Meersburg, spüren Gäste das mediterrane Klima.
Lake Constance promises an almost Mediterranean climate and beautiful gardens with a great variety of plants. | © Mende
Mainau Island

An exotic paradise

Mainau Island

On the island of Mainau, all is quiet. Just before eight in the morning, only a handful of visitors are wandering through the extensive gardens. The gates open at sunrise, but it is not until late morning, when the coaches and excursion boats arrive, that Mainau becomes busy. And the gates stay open until sunset.

Im Vordergrund sind pinke Blumen. Dahinter liegt der Bodensee.
From the island of Mainau, guests have a beautiful view of Lake Constance. | © TMBW, Denger
Eine lange Steintreppe ist umgeben von vielen Blumen und Pflanzen.
The Italian water staircase on the island of Mainau attracts many admirers every year. | © TMBW
Auf der Blumeninsel Mainau gibt es Blumenskulpturen in voller Blüte zu bestaunen.
The island of Mainau is the home of the Bernadotte af Wisborg family. | © TMBW Dietmar Denger
Hinter dichten Büschen, Bäumen und blühenden Blumen steht das Schloss Salem.
In 2003, the island of Mainau with its park and gardens as well as the historic buildings was put under a preservation order. | © TMBW, Denger

The story of the island’s transformation began back in 1853. Duke Friedrich I of Baden had bought the island with a plan to use it as a summer residence. From his trips abroad, he brought back rare species; he planted lemon, orange and palm trees; he created an Italian rose garden and built an orangery. The heart of the island was the arboretum that today has more than 250 different species of trees. The 150-year-old Sequoias stand about 150 ft / 45 m tall. Even on hot days, it is cool in the shade of this green canopy. By contrast, in the butterfly house, countless butterflies flutter around visitors in the near-tropical heat and humidity.

The island has been open to the general public since the mid-1930s, when Count Lennart Bernadotte lost his right to the title of Prince of Sweden by marrying a commoner. Settling here with his family, he made the design of the Mainau Island gardens his life's work – and a business. Today, more than a million visitors stroll round the island every year.

The lake stores the heat

Towards the end of March, the new garden season is ushered in with the popular orchid show; summer brings roses and dahlias. Autumn, with its flaming colours, is yet another magnet for visitors. But Mainau not only changes with the seasons, it also has a different theme each year.

Lake Constance has special climatic conditions. The lake stores the warmth of summer and cools down only slowly in autumn. In the process, it gives off heat, so temperatures remain mild for a long time - and even more sensitive plants thrive. 

Reichenau Island

A private Garden of Eden

Reichenau Island

Im Privatgarten von Karin Böhler auf der Insel Reichenau blühen über 150 Rosenstöcke.
In Karin Böhler's private garden on the island of Reichenau, more than 150 rose bushes are in bloom.
Luftaufnahme der Klosterinsel Reichenau
The monastery island of Reichenau has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. | © TMBW, Foto: Raatz

On Reichenau, another charming island on Lake Constance, Karin Böhler opens up her own “Garden of Eden” for visitors from time to time. A sign on her door reads “Bin im Garten”, “I’m in the garden”. Karin is usually tending to her dahlias, box trees or 150 rose bushes. Sometimes, but never often enough, she stops to enjoy the views from her pavilion. She tells of how, in 1999, floods washed her garden away. That gave her the incentive to realise her dream of creating a Mediterranean garden. Now, it is a wonderful, peaceful spot, where bees hum in the summer lavender. On the branches of a gnarled tree, swaying in the breeze, she hangs signs with thought-provoking quotes.

Salem Castle

From useful to beautiful

Salem Castle

The splendour of the blossoms in the garden of Salem Castle is a feast for the senses.
Der Park von Schloss Salem ist heute ein beliebtes Ausflugsziel am Bodensee.
Today, the park of Salem Castle is a popular excursion destination close to Lake Constance. | © TMBW, Foto: Oliver Raatz

Today, visitors stroll through the Baroque courtyard garden of Salem Castle, north of Meersburg. They admire shrubs carefully trimmed in the shape of temples, pyramids or cubes; they get lost in the maze. The geometric design of the garden invites contemplation; according to Birgit Rückert, the castle’s administrator, the mazes are like a mini-pilgrimage. But in the Middle Ages, this was an important Cistercian monastery. 

The long history of the complex dates back to 1134, when the Cistercian order founded a monastery here. It was surrounded by land and well-tended vineyards. The gardens were more than flower beds. Following their belief in self-sufficiency, monks grew herbs and vegetables, and also kept goats, cows and pigs. As the monastery gained in influence and wealth, the garden was transformed into a place to relax, with magnificent Baroque parterres. With the suppression of the monasteries in 1804, Salem Abbey passed into the hands of the Margrave of Baden. The monks had gone, but the formal garden remained.


Host of the State Garden Show in 2021


Die Uferpromenade von Überlingen mit dem Landungsplatz gleicht einem Blütenmeer.
Überlingen's lakeside promenade with the berth resembles a sea of blossoms. | © Winfried Heinze
Dächer der Altstadt von Überlingen mit Kirchturm in der Mitte.
A stroll through Überlingen on Lake Constance is always well worth it. | © Winfried Heinze
Uferpromenade von Überlingen mit vielen bunten Blumen und Sonnenschirmen.
Überlingen's lakeside promenade also offers a beautiful backdrop with a splendid display of blossoms. | © Landesgartenschau Überlingen 2020 GmbH, Foto: Jürgen Heppler
Viele kleine angelegte Beete mit blühenden Pflanzen und Hecken. Im Hintergrund liegen Häuser der Ortschaft.
The Menzing Gardens of the State Garden Show in Überlingen will be retained by the town. | © Landesgartenschau Überlingen 2020 GmbH, Foto: Jürgen Heppler

Überlingen shows in many places that it is a thriving garden city: lovingly tended gardens, historic parks with old tree stands, lush orchards, a large collection of cacti and also fascinating rock formations that form a stately backdrop in the listed city garden. In 2021, Überlingen celebrated a summer-long garden festival. Since then, the 2021 State Garden Show has linked many gardens and green spaces in the town, in the countryside and on the lake. In addition, areas that were previously only available to a few have been opened up to the general public. For example, the Menzing Gardens or the Rosenobel Gardens, whose 18-metre-high Rosenobelt Tower offers a unique view of the city and the surrounding area. A stroll through the city and along the riverside promenade is always worthwhile - especially in spring.

More information about the Lake Constance Gardens


More information about the Lake Constance Gardens

Barockschloss Mainau auf der Insel Mainau

Park Insel Mainau

Mainau Island

  • familien-ferien in Baden-Württemberg
Insel Reichenau Luftbild 202A0799 Foto Achim Mende

The Monastic Island of Reichenau

Only 3 miles/5 km long, this tiny island of Lake Constance is notable for its Benedictine Monastery.
29 Meersburg innen ssg Guenther Bayerl pressebild Interior

Castle Meersburg

Meersburg New Palace

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