Good food takes time

Slow Food

A visit to the Röhrenbach family‘s Apfelhof farm on Lake Constance

Delicious bread, toothsome wines, yummy cheeses: great flavours are not created at the press of a button. Time is the added ingredient needed to produce truly memorable tasty treats on holiday. 

Eine Frau mit Schürze steht hinter einer Verkaufstheke mit vielen Eisbehältern.

Marina Nina Sohl is the owner of the Moo ice cream | © Klaus Sohl

| © Klaus Sohl

1. MOO ICE CREAM - Hay-milk ice cream in Hohenlohe

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, hay milk is highly-prized. Marina Nina Sohl‘s cows spend the summer on nearby pastures around Kirchberg Castle in Hohenlohe, northeast of Stuttgart. In her bio-dynamic ice cream dairy, the hay milk is the main ingredient in her handmade organic ices. Try the caramel with fleur de sel, the chocolate chili or the coconut blossom.

Nahaufnahme einiger lilafarbenen Safranblüten auf der Schwäbischen Alb

The typical Swabian Saffron | © Alb Safran

| © Alb Safran

2. ORGANIC SAFFRON - A spice from the Swabian Alb

Aromatic, tart and pungent, saffron is a key component of rice dishes, seafood and desserts. Ninety percent of the world‘s production comes from Iran, but a tiny proportion is from the Swabian Alb, south of Stuttgart. In Sonnenbühl, Swabian saffron (crocus sativus) is grown without artificial fertilizers.

In einem großen Korb liegen viele Äpfel und drei Flaschen mit selbstgemachtem Obstbrand.

The variety of brandies from Gerhard Fetscher | © Gerhard Fetscher

| © Gerhard Fetscher

3. FRUIT BRANDIES - An Upper Swabian custom

Gerhard Fetscher is a certificated brandy sommelier, who distils fine fruit brandies the old-fashioned way. From local orchards, he chooses heritage fruit varieties that have long been ignored by mainstream producers. Book a tasting of his single-variety pear and apple brandies at the Fetscher Distillery. It is at the Engel, his historic inn in Hosskirch, southeast of Stuttgart.

Eine Person knetet mit beiden Händen zwei Teigstücke  auf einer Unterlage aus Holz.

Bio-dynamic bread from the Eselsmühle in Musberg | © Rudolf Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG

| © Rudolf Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG

4. BIO–DYNAMIC BREAD - Freshly baked in Musberg

A family of donkeys is part of the workforce at the Eselsmühle (Donkey Mill). In its eight wood-burning bread ovens, the age-old interplay of dough, wood, heat and stones results in outstanding bio-dynamic bread. But the bakery is right up to date and easy to find. Head for the Mühlenstube tavern in Musberg, southwest of Stuttgart. And meet the donkeys!

Ein Mann steht mit einer hygienischen Haarhaube und einem weißen Arbeitsshirt vor einem großen Bottich mit einem weißen flüssigen Inhalt und rührt darin.

Making Mountain cheese at the Isny Käseküche | © Käsküche Isny GmbH & Co. KG

| © Käsküche Isny GmbH & Co. KG

5. MOUNTAIN CHEESE - Handmade in the Allgäu

Mountain cheese is the speciality at the Isny Käsküche dairy in Isny im Allgäu, northeast of Friedrichshafen. Species-appropriate cow husbandry and organically-grown feed produce the organic milk that is the main ingredient of cheeses, such as carefully-ripened Adelegger, Isnyer Ur-Bergkäse and Allgäu Lemon Pepper.

In einem Raum der Brauerei Rothaus stehen viele große Kupferkessel, in denen Bier gebraut wird.

Discover the process of Brewing at the Rothaus Brewery in the Black Forest | © 2020 Slow Brewing

| © 2020 Slow Brewing

6. SLOW BREWING - Beer in the Black Forest

The 230-year-old Rothaus Brewery delivers the Black Forest in a glass. In fact, Tannenzäpfle, their most famous brew, means pine cones! The flavours come from aromatic hops, malt and even spring water that are all local. Sticking to tradition, the brewery never uses accelerated ageing or forced fermentation. Rothaus is southeast of Freiburg.