Beer Gardens


What could be better than enjoying a glass of cool, authentic German beer in the cozy surroundings of a comfortable beer garden? Just imagine how lovely it would be to enjoy an afternoon in the friendly shade of a chestnut tree, beer in hand, breathing in the fresh air after a day of biking, hiking or sightseeing. Make yourself at home in the delightful beer gardens of the south, tucked carefully away in the most beautiful corners of Baden-Württemberg.

In einem Biergarten sitzen ein Mann und eine Frau und prosten sich mit ihren Bierkrügen zu.

In 2012, the Rauschbart beer garden in Horb am Neckar received a very special award: it beat out the Bavarian competition and was elected the most popular beer garden in Germany! The Neckarmüller beer garden in Tübingen also enjoys a similarly picturesque location. And anyone who’s had a chance to while away a few hours behind the Bergbier Brewery next to a sea of lush, green hops can’t deny the simple charms of country life.

This open-air beer culture has even prevailed in SouthWest Germany’s bustling cities, whether at Carl’s Brauhaus on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz or along the lovely harbor promenade in Constance. A single ray of sunshine is all it takes for people to swarm to their local beer garden and enjoy a delicious brew under the open sky!