Besen: vineyard taverns/pubs


Unique in the region are “Besen” and “Straussen.” These are special seasonal wine pubs or taverns, where you can drink the wine grown at the door, and eat homemade local dishes.

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The name Besen actually means broom – and a broom at the door is a sign that the pub is open for business. The Besens are in the Württemberg vineyards and the Straussen are in Baden. Either way, they are great places for good wine, good food and good company. They even have live bands playing from time to time.

Eat local: tasty treats

Every wine tavern is different, serving different wines and dishes. But all serve local wines and dishes made with local produce. Try Flammkuchen (like a bacon and onion quiche), Maultaschen (like ravioli), Zwiebelrostbraten (roast beef with crispy onions), Kässpätzle (cheesy noodles), and plates of cold cuts.

Vineyards in Baden-Württemberg

SouthWest Germany is carpeted with vineyards, from the Tauber Valley in the north to Lake Constance in the south. In a Strauss or a Besen, you can taste local wines: pinot noir (Spätburgunder), pinot gris (Grauburgunder) and pinot blanc Weissburgunder), Chasselas, Trollinger, Lemberger, Riesling, Kerner, Müller-Thurgau, and many other varieties.