Wine festivals in the South


A fun time to visit SouthWest Germany’s wine country is during one of the numerous, colorful wine festivals in towns and villages.

Pure Pleasure: SouthWest Germany’s wine festivals. In Baden and Württemberg, wine festivals are as typical as dumplings or noodles. But, every event in every town and village is different. Wines and hearty snacks are inexpensive, so you will always get good value as well as lots of fun!

The classic: The Stuttgart Wine Village

Known as “Germany's most beautiful wine village,” this annual event takes place in Stuttgart, the capital of SouthWest Germany. Expect 500 wines from the region, festively-decorated wine arbors, cheerful hosts, and hearty local dishes, such roast lamb and Zwiebelkuchen (onion pie). It makes a great night out!

The Best of Heilbronn Country

Go to the annual Heilbronn Wine Village and find out what makes Heilbronn Country Germany’s No 1 red wine producing region. Wine lovers can try reds made with unfamiliar grape varieties, such as Lemberger and Samtrot, and enjoy live music in the City Hall courtyard and in the surrounding lanes of this charming half-timbered town.

Off the beaten track

Apart from the major wine festivals in towns and cities, such as Stuttgart and Heilbronn, virtually every small town has its own wine festival. Check out the Wine Weeks in the Buhl Valley, the Öchsle Fest in Pforzheim and the Wine Festival in Meersburg on Lake Constance.