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Ebersteinburg circular path


3:18 h
10.5 km
434 m
434 m

The perfect panoramic mountain path: The special "Ebersteinburg-Rundwanderweg" is a sheer delight offering sensational views of Baden-Baden, the Black Forest and Alsace.

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3:18 h
10.5 km
434 m
434 m
Highest point
374 m
Lowest point
373 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology


Exceptional hiking trails that will remain in your memory for years, the ones that combine lush countryside, amazing adventures and forgotten tales. Yes, they really do exist. The both inspiring and adventurous "Ebersteinburg-Rundwanderweg", a special circular path high above the rooftops of Baden-Baden, is one such path. Look forward to magical rock formations, medieval castle ruins, secretive woodland paths, sheer rock faces with guaranteed panoramic views and a natural stone arch that looks like something from another world...

The mighty Battert rock formation with its craggy tors that rise like gigantic pillars up to 55 metres high from the dense, green woodland is one of the highlights to enjoy on this exciting premium hiking trail. At first, hikers will marvel at the sheer, grey-white rock face from below only to enjoy the incredible panorama and view of Baden-Baden from above later.

With the picturesque castle ruins of the Old Castle and the venerable castle at Ebersteinburg, the path passes by two cultural-historical gems, both of which are ideal places to stop for a bite to eat. A variety of oak, ash and beech woodlands, together with stony and some rather adventurous paths give this exceptional sightseeing tour on Baden-Baden’s sun-blessed side a rather Mediterranean touch. An exciting tour of medium difficulty for all those who love views that stretch to the horizon.

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